WARNING from my private proxy service

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    2012-03-13 09:15:34
    Hello, You have received an abuse complaint that needs immediete handling. Thanks, Nobis Abuse Team Please see below: ####################### Hello Abuse-Team, your Server with the IP: *************as attacked one of our server/partner on the service: "badbot" on Time: Tue, 13 Mar 2012 12:16:58 +0000. The time is from the Server of the blocklist-user (so, please check it +-10 minutes, when the time is false). The IP was automatically blocked for more than 10 minutes. To block an IP, it needs 3 failed Logins (ssh, imap....), one match for "invalid user" or a 5xx-Error-Code (eg. Blacklist on mail...)! The IP has send a SPAM-Comment on a Honeypot-Forum or Honeypot-Wiki with URLs to e.g. buy viagra or link to other spamvertised sites. He used xrumer or other Tools or had a false configured mod_rewrite/mod_proxy who is abused: http://blog.blocklist.de/2011/03/14...n-dienste-badbots-apacheddos-postfix/#badbots Please check the machine behind the IP ********** (***********.rdns.ubiquityservers.com) and fix the problem. Search for AS-Number/IPs from you, look at http://www.blocklist.de/en/search.html?as=15003 You can parse this Mail with X-ARF-Tools from http://www.x-arf.org/tools.html e.g. validatexarf-php.tar.gz. You found more Information about X-Arf under http://www.x-arf.org/specification.html This mail will be sent again after one day if more attacks are recognized. In the attachment of this mail you can find the original protocols of our systems. To pause this message for one week, you can insert the IP and E-Mailaddress to our Blocklist. If more attacks of your network are recognized after the pause of seven days, the block will be canceled and you will get new reports. http://www.blocklist.de/en/insert.html?ip=***********&[email protected] We found your address in our own Rewrite-Database for the IP-Range or AS-Number. Answer us to rewrite the address (to abuse-quiet or a special address) for all upcoming reports. ------------------------------ Abuse-Team This message was sent automatically, please answer us for Questions or go to: https://www.blocklist.de