Warning!!! Fraud email going around!

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    Not new news but there is a new email going around that is fraudulent. DO NOT open the attachment. Fortunately I recognized this as a fraud from the email address and the subject line.

    It comes from KingCountyEcommerce @ kingcounty.gov and says something about receiving your King County property tax payment. I do not own any property in King County, WA. and did not make any payment.

    Remember if you do not know the sender do not open the attachments.

    Here is the source

    Received: (qmail 28887 invoked from network); 15 Dec 2011 18:59:36 -0000
    Received: from unknown (HELO m1pismtp01-019.prod.mesa1.secureserver.net) ([])
    (envelope-sender <[email protected]>)
    by p3plsmtp13-03.prod.phx3.secureserver.net (qmail-1.03) with SMTP
    for <[email protected]>; 15 Dec 2011 18:59:36 -0000
    Received: from unknown (HELO []) ([])
    by m1pismtp01-019.prod.mesa1.secureserver.net with SMTP; 15 Dec 2011 11:58:39 -0700
    Received: from [] (helo=dxivtiyxw.vcjbzftqcpkzt.su)
    by with esmtpa (Exim 4.69)
    (envelope-from )
    id 1MM37O-9109io-1E
    for [email protected]; Thu, 15 Dec 2011 14:59:06 -0400
    From: <[email protected]>
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