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    First, I would like to introduce myself. I am a business owner and would like to expand my local business to the Internet Market. Knowing that the internet is the largest market today, I know there is a great opportunity to expand. It was 2 months ago when I started learning about IM on blackhatforums. I've been reading and tested out common IM techniques with forum backlinks(somewhat tedious), facebook, ebay, twitter(using tweet attacks), and easy WP seo tool/widget. I feel as if my train of thought is scattered right now and I need to focus on building a strong foundation or back bone. Personally, I do not know any Internet Marketer. Honestly, I can not ever claim to have even made an acquaintance or IM friend I can share my struggles with. I would really love to start with a baby step into apprenticing myself to using an simple SEO technique. Edit:I've focused my energy into niche related forums/blogs for now.

    Honestly, I have made some sales but I am not getting enough traffic to my site. I would like to know a strong and stable method to building a firm foundation for increasing positive traffic to my site. I am selling supplements and the products are listed cheaper than almost all competitors. I will not give up and I will keep pressing forward. Any feedback is accepted whether it is constructive criticism, positve, or negative. I respect all who have considered or have read my thread. God bless all and tread lightly.
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    I am new to SEO but this is what I found helps:

    1) Write unique content, including having your own style of writing which goes a long way in earning the reader's trust. The supplement industry is full of scam artists already as it is. Earn trust, then profit the trust.
    2) Optimize titles but don't go overboard. When in doubt, think if this would benefit your readers.
    3) Don't overdo the ads. 1-3 blocks of ads in the beginning. Don't be like the rest of the supplements websites. Differentiate (go back to Point 1).
    4) Diversify: ebooks, coaching, writing. Think big while keeping yourself to your niche. Don't be a jack of all trades.
    5) Become an authority: write for others, post good comments on other sites, contact key authorities in the niche.

    Overall, my advice would be, differentiate yourself cos the web is already full of copycats earning 1$ a day from crap sites.

    My humble 0.02$
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