[WANTED] Wordpress, SEO, IM, US Resident

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    Dec 23, 2010
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    Looking to JV with someone who has the following skills:

    -PHP/HTML/Javascript a plus
    -Social Media
    -Telemarketing Skills
    -US Resident
    -Possibly some money to invest(We will split all costs)
    -Has skype and is willing to use the "Call" feature... dont be shy

    We will be creating a series of niche sites and promoting them, selling ad space, and repeating with other niches. I have many tools to automate mundane tasks such as SERobot, Ubot Studio, Atomic Tweets, CLBot Pro, and others(All on VPS). I also have multiple CPA accounts.

    Moreover, i'm looking for someone to bounce new ideas off of and have an ongoing business relationship.

    If you would like to participate, please reply with more than just a, "PM me more info" Tell me more about you, your IM experience, and your success all in a PM. Dont post that info on the board.
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