[WANTED] Designer/3D Art and Graphics person!

Discussion in 'Joint Ventures' started by fallacyoflove, Jan 30, 2010.

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    I am looking for a 3D art, graphics and designing partner for some of my long term WhiteHat projects. I already have people working with me but I have more work than my team can handle. Now, I do not have any time to waste with people who aren't close to outstanding (let alone good). If anyone is interested and thinks he/she is good enough, please PM me and I'll send you my email id to send your portfolios. I would prefer someone who has the talents and possibly experience in a lot of varied designing fields. If you're serious about hitting me up for this, ask yourself if you have the capacity to design amazing web templates, email templates, brochure templates, logos, business cards, any custom graphics (2D or 3D), maybe even graphics for some online game (yes, I'm really looking for an advanced designer), GUI for softwares, whatever else that you can possibly encompass under 'Design, Art and Graphics'. I need to know that you're serious about this venture and I don't know how to ensure this. I've had people come to me, waste an hour and a half of my time listening to me explain some good details about a big project and then disappear. I dont want that to happen again. I dont know, maybe even designing a few web templates for a site for a start or I don't know. But before we even decide to work together, I need to see some good samples and references of your work. PM me and lets get going! Thanks for reading through this essay of a post (written boringly with no change of fancy fonts or font size). Hope to hear from some nice people and hope to do some good work with ya!