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    Im looking for an active start-up money making partner to take potential money making website concepts and turn them into real life. We'd start by choosing a business model / niche and move onto building the domain/website content around the appropriate keywords (this would obviously also include selecting our site platform/ad partners/etc). We can either select methods on BHW money making forums and twist it with our own unique advantage or go for something we've always wanted to do (as long as it makes sense cost-benefit wise) - we just need to plan and agree on this detail before we start.

    About Me: Im somewhat experienced in PHP/MySQL/HTML/CSS/Linux OS with some basic experience around internet marketing and Im looking for someone with similar skills. I have a strong desire to make a lot of money and you should too. I work hard and commit a lot of time to my ideas so Im looking for someone who is willing to do the same and doesn't get tired when money is slow to roll in.

    It would be great to somehow segregate access such as me holding access to the web server and you holding access to the ad accounts. Ofcourse you can have a backup of our server files/mySQL db whenever I just want to make this a strong mutual agreement.

    Honestly it would be great even to just know someone with a similar experience / skill background as me (whether you've had more success with it or less) and talk to them on a daily basis msn/irc/skype.
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