Want To Learn Willing To Be A Real Life Case Study

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    Hello Board:

    I am about to start an online store narrowing the niche to to a small but very sustainable market . My plan is to have the products dropshipped so hopefully inventory costs up front will be zero. I need to build a site. The store is adult oriented so i will need:

    an adult site host w/ecommerce capability

    dropship suggestions (I already have some)

    a payment processor ( pref one that is easy like paypal but not paypal...that allows adult transactions and does not require buyer signup...looking for easy checkout method.

    Once this is in place I would like to employ SEO methods to quickly take the site to a profitable ranking. I unfortunately am a complete novice at SEO

    I would also be willing to try any other methods that people want to suggest.

    Now I realize that there may be questions like well why should we provide you with methods to make your site profitable? The truth is I don't have anything to offer you in return other than an opportunity for you to test out strategies (that perhaps you have thought about but ur market or whatever ur working on at the moment may not support) using someone else as a real life test case. If this is something you feel you might want to contribute to I welcome your help/advise. If not, totally understand.

    Thanks for reading! :D