Want to exchange recommendations in Linkedin? Let's do it now on next level!

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    Hello Community, I am looking to exchange LinkedIn Reviews and boost each other profile.
    Hit me up at skype/PM me, so we can set this up in matter of minutes with you.

    Here is what we will do:
    1. We add each other as connections.
    2. Endorse skills (all of them)
    3. Write a recommendation letter. I will send you the review that I would like to see at my page, you do the same for your page. And we just copy-paste it. We will do this to avoid any issues because sometimes people don't see what they expect in this trades.
    4. We sit back, enjoy the show and see fast increasing reputation of the whole profile.

    LinkedIn is a fastest growing opportunity nowadays and everybody must have a list of recommendations, so Just Let's do it!

    Let me know.