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    Don't touch the REP!

    I can't help but wonder why the "want to buy" section doesn't ENCOURAGE sales OUTSIDE of the items and services for sale sub-forums and via PMs, etc (which is also against the rules) and seems like a way for seedy sellers to circumvent the rules as there is really no regulations.

    If they do not meet the requirements or are too cheap to sell their products or services via the proper sub-forums they can just watch the WTB and not have to pay, etc.

    Why would anyone want to pay the $30 fee to fulfill a persons WTB request when they can just PM (against rules) them and sell direct?

    Also the "read this" link is BROKEN so we don't even know what that says/said.
    We need this FIXED as I have a feeling whatever it says/said or is supposed to say is very important.

    HTH .... :cool2:

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