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Sep 5, 2010
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is there a good program out there that posts automatical to all my friends wall?

woah expensive... what means free to try? is there a limited time to test with all features ?
Is there any other bot. which can only post to walls?
myadtools.com has a FB wall poster with a 3 day free trial, It's decent with a decent price too
nice thanks !

now i only need a proxie list + a keyword txt file for the ID collector
You can try friend adder elite :) It has a gather user ID feature, friend requester, wall poster, and auto messaging :)
There is facebook friend bomber that some what works

Tell me if i spam a bunch of people messages with my cpa lead website what could i see?
nthing better then ffap right now you can pay 50$ per month as well if you dont wnat to pay all up front

thanks a lot hope this helps
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