Waant to start again, what do you think?

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    I want to do some facebook again. I've earned 7K$ from my first fanpage in april and nothing more ever. After 3 months without FB I want to start again, but as I see from your posts its much harder than ever.

    Here is my starting plan, for the first month.

    - Buy 25 private proxies
    - make 50 PVA accounts (2 accounts per proxy, one new number per account)
    - buy FFAP
    - make XX external viral pages using PVA accounts in few niches (niches that I have already experience in)
    - make XX viral fanpages using non PVA accounts in few niches

    Than I want to start using FFAP with these 50 PVA accounts and proxies. I want to add targeted friends to every account, but I dont know how many per day is the best number actually?

    I want to also post wall updates and comment on other walls using a lot of redirections (link|link|link|link) to my external pages and fanpages.


    Its probably the most easy strategy for FB but i want to ask you what do you think about it?

    Is it enough for start?

    Now with just few accounts and without proxies or software I can earn about 10-20$ per day, just by manual commenting etc.

    Lets discuss.
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