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    Hi guys,

    I'm going to get vps to rent for one as I'm ready to install openvpn on my vps server. Could you please tell me what is the hardware minimum requirements would be the best for me to install openvpn on my vps with enough requirements for my needs?

    So far, I have found a vps server that are host in new york that has these requirements:

    Linux VPS - 128MB RAM
    128MB Guaranteed RAM
    10Gb Disk Space
    2x CPU Core Access
    200Gb Monthly Bandwidth Quota
    Choice of Linux distributions
    Xen or OpenVZ Virtualization
    The price for me to rent the server is $9.99. Do you think would that be enough for me to install openvpn on my vps server while I will only connect to my vps each a time with each different IP's?
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