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    i have a new vps with bermanhosting.
    at the first days i could login via remotedesktop without problems.

    but since some days it is near impossible to get acces. there come errors like

    - the remotecomputer is not activated
    and also - the accessdata is wrong and shit like that

    i wrote to their support and they say everything is working fine on there end.
    i also googled it and tried different things like described on other webpages like to change the port after Ip like 5.7.888.883:3990 for example.

    the bermanhosting-support is telling me this should a problem with my ISP. but it worked before. this makes no sense for me.
    have anyone experirience with that?
    how to find out what problem it is?
    are bermanhosting just telling wrong?