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    As i am new to IM i am still trying to figure everything out. I know the forum has a search function. But i thought i might start a thread to gather recommendations and to see what people think of my methodology.

    1 it appears to me that while you can try to work in IM starting from nothing. It makes more sense to spend some money to acquire some of the tools of the trade. You can't build a house without a hammer and nails. (You can if you live in asia where everything is concrete but you know what i am saying.) So i have been reading a lot on the forum about different methods and i think eventually for stability's sake I will end up in the micro niche arena which i consider to be relatively white hat. In order to operate there it seems that i will need to get some professional tools. I am thinking scrapebox + a keyword/competition analyzer (market samurai/ traffic travis / longtail pro / keyword scout). In order to effectively use these tools i think i will also purchase a virtual private server and proxies.

    I am ok with putting down one time payments for the tools. however the ongoing payments for proxies and vps irk me somewhat. Therefore I was thinking that i would also go to fiverr or elsewhere and purchase 200 twitter, pinterest, and facebook accounts and use various imacro scripts tweet demon follow unfollow etc to age the accounts so they can be seasoned for later use. and so while i am working on my niche site research and creation i am still creating valuable online real estate which can then be used at a later date. I would like to know how best to do that so my accounts don't get flagged and banned because of bot activity

    1 i am wondering how many bots could i run simultaneously through a vps + 10 proxies. Could i have one tweeting one pinning one posting all at the same time rotating through proxies.

    2 would it make sense to rotate activities i.e twitter one day the bot makes posts the next it follows the next it retweets and so on and so forth to mimic a real user maybe once a week it unfollows people not following back.

    3 am i kidding myself in thinking that there are programs that rotate proxies and accounts? If anyone could tell me what are good ones i would be much obliged. I will do the research but if anyone wants to volunteer thanks in advance

    4 segment the accounts into 20 niches 10 accounts to a niche choosing general niches that can then be turned to focus on specific products keywords sub niches at a later date.

    5 can i find a fiver provider who will let me supply twitter handles of my own to match niches

    6 does it make sense to integrate facebook/twitter/pinterest accounts like a real person might?

    7 do you need to use private proxies for facebook/twitter/pinterest if it is only 200 accounts? or are you better off spreading out the proxies through proxy finder etc. if i use free prox

    8 do you run the risk of the banhammer if you are not monetizing just building followers rep gravity

    9 will i get addicted to making accounts?

    10 how do people keep this organized. CSV files spreadsheets? any suggestions for organizing workflow?

    that's enough for now any help would be greatly appreciated