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    hey guys,

    today i remembered being in spain and having a friend who was competing in some sort of student challenge, he made a movie or smt and the winner would get 1k euros or smt (doesnt really matter).

    the problem for him was the competition voting on themselves, he was pretty sure they were doing that. it was evident that they were. in the end he won by asking his friends to vote for him (more greyhat approach lol)

    ok so here comes the question, have there been blackhat where blackhatters influenced the outcomes of online votes? (would be very surprised if not)

    are there programs or services for this?

    the fact that you can mess up stuff and/or influence small voting stuff is a pretty awesome.

    when there are prizes for grabs, or like in holland when you can vote which word is going to become the word of the year... i am sure you all know what "zwaffelen" means :) (this is the power of a large dutch website for young people)...

    think about the possibilities
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