[VOTE FOR ME PLEASE!] Participating in an EDM Contest

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    Hey guys,

    I know this has nothing to do with SEO or something, but I would like to have a moment from you guys to help me out.

    I recently participated in a contest for making the best remix on Borgeous - Invincible.

    In this contest, if you make the best remix, you will receive $1000 and a release on the musiclabel Spinnin' Records (worlds biggest EDM label!)

    A little bit about myself,

    My name is Eren Yilmaz, A.K.A. Sleezy Beatz and I am 18 years old.

    I've been a solo EDM producer for like 2 years now and wanted to actually take it to the next level,
    that's why I've decided to participate in a contest like this. (this is my first one though!!).

    I really would like to have the support of you guys! It would really make me happy!

    I know I don't contribute a lot to this forum, but still, I hope you guys will grant me my wish of becoming known in this world,

    not only for SEO, or being a member of the forum, but also someone who is willing to make music to entertain people and also as someone who expresses his feelings through music.

    Here is how you can vote:

    1. Go to this website:
    goo point gl/jXv6yA

    2. Scroll a bit down and click on the orange "Vote" button.

    3. You have to like a couple of pages from there on (3 I think), and the vote will be registered.

    4. I really thank you guys from the bottom of my heart to grant me this oppurtunity!!

    I hope I get your support! May I not get your support, no worries, life goes on and maybe I will have another oppurtunity ! :D

    Thanks for your time to read this (and vote)!