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    I've been using Voltrank.com for a couple months now and all I can say is that it really works.
    It's the easiest way to build Backlinks.
    Simply Add your Websites to generate Points and then Add your Ads to build Backlinks.

    It can't be easier, all your Backlinks will be placed automatically.

    I'm not affiliated with VR, but I wish there were more Sites in the System. It's already quite good, but some of my Domains have over 4000 backlinks, so some Backlinks are placed on the same Domains. More users and more Sites would be better for everyone.

    I also use Scrapebox, Bookmarking Services and Web 2.0.
    But Voltrank is a great addon to your SEO.

    In Mid August Panda was rolled out in Germany, causing a huge Drop on one of my "Non Original Content" Sites. I thought ok, forget it, move on with another Site. I didn't work on that Site anymore, no SB Blasts, no Bookmarking, nothing. Just had it in the VR System, so Backlinks still increased. Then today I checked my Stats and found out that SE Traffic is back at where it was, even much better actually.


    If you want to do me a favor and sign up under me, you can send me a PM and I will give you my link.

    One little Advise: I had one new Domain in the System getting sandboxed, because I just added too many Ads too fast. So start slowly.

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    I've been using voltrank for many months. It's really work when you know how to use it:)
    This is one of the best SEO tools. I use Xrumer, Voltrank and Scrapebox