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    Does anyone here use any type of visual progress trackers to increase their productivity? I've only really seen them used in video games before, but I could easily see them being applied to IM. I also know about keyword rank trackers, but I'm talking about stuff that can be used for other purposes (e.g., # of articles you've written, videos uploaded etc).

    To illustrate what I'm talking about, here's a screenshot from the game Darkstalkers Resurrection:


    The stuff on the left side of the screen is what I'm referring to. Does anyone know of or use any tools that show data in a visual form like that? If you do use something like that, do you find it helpful?
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    I have my IM activities set up as a project in Zoho Projects. Each mini project in my IM activities is set up as a milestone and each milestone has 'TaskList' which group related tasks together for that mini Project. The result is when I log in to my portal on zoho projects I see a list of my IM projects, then when I click on each project it shows me a progress bar of how many tasks completed / how many in total for a quick visual on how far through I am.

    It's good for productivity because it is really helping me to focus. I have 5 little projects I'm working on and before I started using this system I would work on random bits of different projects and it was hard to keep track of if I was making progress. Now I tend to focus more on one project because I can visualise all the tasks needed to complete it and along the way if I sometimes do little bits here and there on other projects but I don't get confused about what's what.
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