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    Hey There,

    I prepare my own Applications like Downloaders, Cracks, Keygens, Hack Tools etc. So it's like I have learned a lot here and there on forums but I have certain questions to ask now. I'm sorry If I'm annoying but I'm a newbie I never used Visual Basic or VB.Net. I have started using it just 1 month ago so I actually don't know the correct terms even so that I can search on Google for tutorials.

    Well, Here are the questions.

    1. How can I make a tool which can create a folder while running? As we see when installation are processing it creates folders for the game automatically like Bin, Music, Images, System, Help etc. So How can I do this with an Application made up from Visual Basic?

    I will add more questions time to time when I will have them in my mind. I will just update this very first post :)

    P.S.: I'm making this thread so that every newbie can learn from it. I like sharing :)

    @Admins and Mod: I'm sorry if I have to use some Niches in this thread because sometimes it's necessary to tell the example to ask the questions. Please, Taking knowledge in any manner is not a rule breaking :)

    Please make PPD Sub Forum under the Making Money Forum :)