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    from a trusted friend ...


    I am sending this to everyone that I think uses social networking because I think is could save you $300 (at least) and a bunch of headaches. I don't want to train you to click links.... that's what the article below is about! Please read it though, it is a good education in preventing problems to your computer.

    Basically, Cisco writes security articles that I read and this one explains how people get infected. As you probably know, many many years ago (now it seems), I used to remove spyware for a living... so this one caught my interest.

    It's more than just spyware though. This is the method of using vulnerabilities on your computer combined with trickery (social engineering) to get you to click a link that installs "Zeus", a popular spyware/infection framework that any joe blow can purchase and create an army of infected computers (yes it's freely available to the average person!).

    The link above is safe, but it explains how people are getting infected.

    Moral: be VERY careful of clicking links, especially if you "assume" it's from someone you know (in this example, LinkedIn). Infected computers can send email to you, and make it appear to come from someone you trust.

    For this reason I delete birthday cards, youtube links, etc If I don't specifically request the information, or if I can't verify it in google searches first - I won't typically click a link.

    Zeus is nasty: it is a keylogger that records what you type and reports back to the bad guys.

    Hopefully by sharing this knowledge, I'll prevent you a costly infection bill on your computer, and possibly save your bank accounts too.

    - James

    PS: if you need free spyware and antivirus, there are many great free ones that are better than Norton or McAfee.

    I recommend:
    Code: for antivirus, and if you actually get infected: for the spyware removal, both are free and work very well.
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    Do you recommend any specific tools or method to help determine if you have "Zeus"? Obviously I know that's what a virus scan is for, but I'm asking if you personally know of anything a bit more specific. I see you provided a link for "if you get infected" but I'm wondering if that will locate "Zeus" as well, or if you happen to know.