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    ​My second post here and its regarding something that has been bothering me for well over a year now. There is a point to this post, but hell, just sit back and enjoy the ride until it eventually gets to it. Yaaahmean.

    In a galaxy far far away, back in a time before I even knew that BHW existed (shameful)...
    Around the end of 2013 to be more accurate, whilst mindlessly mincing around the vast realms of the internet (when exploring the world wide web, mincing is almost compulsory), searching for an answer to a question that i wasn't even asking, I came across something that got me so excited that i nearly wet my pants. A childhood dream was turning into a reality and it was in the form of the:

    Oculus Rift DK1.

    Oh yeah, pointless big blue font to add dramatics!!!

    At first I was met with shock, I couldn't help but wonder how this thing existed and i didn't even know about it, I had always dreamed of exploring virtual worlds, so how had it crept past me without alerting my attention? Next i was met with excitement, i NEEDED this thing and i needed it right NOW!!! Who have i gota roundhouse in the face to get one? I researched further, looking at the specs, watching youtube videos, sulked over how the specs of my machine weren't even close to running it and eventually realised that to own it, I'd need to buy it from eBay at an extortionate cost, way outside my price range. Oculus were no longer selling it. I was too late to catch the train.


    Not to worry though, a few months later, the Rift DK 2 was announced and all of a sudden March appeared and Oculus began taking pre orders. I resented every second that past knowing i couldn't afford it. God i wanted it so badly i was drooling over my screen just looking at it.

    May 26th came, my birthday, I received a truck tonne of cash as gifts (because I'm a spoiled little moose) so it was a no brainer, i went straight over and made my pre order. Then began the awful wait of a lifetime.

    ...Jesus, my arse was absolutely killing from being so puckered up from anxiety waiting for this sonofabitch to arrive. I dreamt about it every night, I dreamed of how i would caress it and stroke it, and all the different worlds i'd visit. I also spent the waiting time upgrading my computer to epic specs, ready for its arrival.

    Then, all of a sudden, after a wait that seemed like forever, over THREE godamn months later to be precise, it finally arrived (yep thats how backed up the preorders were).

    I ripped the packaging open with my teeth, set it up, tinkered about with the fiddly little twat for hours, then finally delved straight into all of the beautiful virtual worlds. I was in heaven... until i became one of the unlucky few and felt the most epic of virtual sicknesses. My stomach was in knots, it made me so angry i could've stamped on a hamster, like seriously, THAT angry, but i got through it. I earned my VR wings, i lost my VRginity (insert other puns here), and all neighbouring hamsters were relatively relieved.

    So i did it, i reached my goal, i lived my dream. Admittedly its still in its baby phase yet, resolution is a bit pants, VR sickness is a total fanny ache, and its a total asscrunch to get the games to run but these are little less than teething problems.
    In a nutshell I own this badboy and i can confirm, it is awesome!!!! VR is going to be huge.

    "K, so whats ya point?"

    Which leads me on to the point of this thread.
    Not long after realising that virtual reality was an actual thing, I got to thinking this is going to blow up huge soon. 2015 and its well on its way now, look at the news. Huge companies investing billions of dollars into the industry: Facebook, HTC, Samsung, Google, Valve, Microsoft (although AR), Apple, the list goes on...

    The evidence shows there is a thing right there that we know is going to change life as we know it and we're in a position to recognise this and jump on the train before it gets too crowded. As soon as i saw it starting to blow up a decided i wanted a piece of that pie, but i had no idea how to get on the train. Now i'm here, looking like a twat with a piece of plastic on my face, rubbing shoulders with a bunch of high rolling entrepreneurs that have more knowledge between them than i could ever hope to obtain in a lifetime. I'm still a noob, so theres no way i can make anything of this by myself, but maybe one of you here can take this thing i've hopefully highlighted and spin it into something huge. If that happens, I'd hope i could tag along for the ride, I'm sure i have something to offer. Im learning hard and fast, but not fast enough. Ive collectively spent 24 of the last 48 hours researching this site. If not, then i hope somebody can gain something from the highlight of this information?

    My learning curve here is steep, but not steep enough by far.

    So my final point, the title of this thread. I've already established via BHW, in my own minds eye that sex is a huge seller. Add that with the worlds most exciting technology (possibly ever), and there is really something think about.

    As a cam girl (as I've controversially mentioned already), I pondered on the idea of virtual reality cam site. Its just a concept though, nothing more and its most certainly not something I'd be interested in performing on due to my niche market, but those girls that do, would pave the way.

    My sincere apologies if i've posted this in the wrong area, I'm still a noob here and the lounge states that you can post anything. Please feel free to relocate if you think this post would have more value elsewhere.

    If nothing else, I hope I've managed to inspire somebody.

    7sinzz xxx
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