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    I really couldn't decide what category this fit into best, so sorry in advance.

    I use programs like rank tracker by link assistant and a few others that run on a schedule. I have it setup to email me reports as needed.

    In two weeks, I will be travelling a lot. I will have a laptop with me, but my internet access at times will be questionable to say the least.

    I think my best option is to set up a computer to run all my scheduled tasks daily, and then have the option to add new sites to be tracked, and adjust the campaigns. I can do this using remote access.

    Where to put the computer is another question. I think one of my only options is someone in my family.

    This bring to ask the question; What are my other options?

    Are there virtual machines that I could run online, and not need to worry about keeping a physical computer running while I'm away. Where its basically the same as remote access. Are there places like this, that I could rent a machine.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated. I'm trying to put my business as much on autopilot as possible, and allow the freedom to travel without worrying about internet as a restriction. Thanks.
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    I was wondering the same thing myself. I was about to pick myself up a dual quad core dedicated server, and split it into 8 different virtual machines. I was planning on using Windows rdp, if not something like freevnc or whatever.
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    get a dedicated server (a good one) that is NOTHING BUT business related.

    It could also be a potential tax write off. Along with anything that is dedicated to "business" expenses.

    Until this task is achieved you WONT be on autopilot for a while...

    Then either run on RDC or setup Teamviewer on your computer and on the dedi. Then you can access accordingly.
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    if you do just leave a computer you can just use logmein dot com thats what i use for free remote access
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    Hi. I use a company called website service plus for this. They are good in terms of support and the vps's start from about $7 per month. hxxps://www websiteserviceplus com/plusvps.html

    You get what you pay for but there are more powerful plans if you need more power.

    You get a 10% discount with the code sick10

    Basically it's like another pc that you remotely acces with remote desktop or something similar.