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    Hello, I wanted to share this, because it's first time I have receive this kind of message. I'm selling vitual items on paypal for a long time and it's known that paypal doesn't cover items with buyer protection if they are virtual.
    So they usually don't refund a buyer who opens a dispute for virtual item.

    Here is what I've received from paypal today regarding a one dispute of a customer:

    As of June 17, 2014, virtual/intangible items and services are eligible for Purchase Protection in the United Kingdom. As a result, we're requesting additional details to verify the virtual/intangible item or service was received by the buyer and is as described.

    Examples of the documentation that you can provide as compelling evidence include, but are not limited to:

    -Purchaser's e-mail address to which the goods were delivered
    -Date and time goods were downloaded/received
    -Description of the goods downloaded/received
    -Proof that your website was accessed for services after the Transaction Date
    -Purchaser's IP address
    -Screenshot showing receipt by the purchaser
    -Correspondence with the purchaser acknowledging receipt of the item or service as described
    -Any other compelling evidence you may have showing the item or service was received and is as described

    I'm not from UK, that means buyer is UK citizen and it depends on the buyer account. So is it new for you guys too?
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