Viral Content vs Stolen Viral Content

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by therage, May 31, 2013.

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    I want to ask a simple question whether you as a YouTube Director would use Viral Content you created for yourself or Stolen Viral Content. This would be for your YouTube channel, and the question is more aimed at Directors that are seeking channel growth and views. I think I will be fair and answer the question for myself, but I wanted to see what majority of the community thought about the subject. If a thread like this has been found in the past you can link it, and then add your response to the thread.

    I myself would use my own viral content to promote a YouTube Channel. I have long thought about adding additional content that was from someone else on my channel as a 2 way promotional. I would give a link to the original author but ride on the views that would come with copying that video. This question has absolutely nothing to do with "getting into a network" and more like "channel growth". I know some types of responses are situation but I have already setup the questions prerequisites. I am still curious as to whether people value stolen viral content "taking another channels videos and uploading them as your own" vs viral content "making your own unique content that could be based on a viral idea". I don't expect a poll, which would defeat the purpose as the thread is suppose to spark stimulation of discussion on the topic.

    To clear up some confusion this is not "stealing a idea from another YouTuber". It is not about stealing a idea and using it for your own video. The question is about whether or not you would take a video that they had go viral and reuse it on your channel for the purpose of getting views or make your own video content to get views. You can go the extra mile and say "I'd make a similar video and upload it" but that would count as your own viral content video. All replies are respected (except trolls). Thank you for your time.