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Discussion in 'YouTube' started by cabalwars, Jul 11, 2012.

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    Hello everyone! I come to you today to ask for help or advice on a video I have. About a year ago I was in my backyard filming and managed to catch a bright shooting star (meteor) on camera. When I posted the video to YouTube, I only received a couple thousands views over a couple months. I linked the video to a couple astronomy forums, but it doesn?t seem to be as viral as I thought. I am wondering if maybe I?m doing something wrong. I think I gave the video a good name and tags but I?m not too sure. The video currently has about 85k views, so if anyone can guide me in the right direction with this I?d surely appreciate it. The video is named "Shooting Star Caught on Camera".
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    From the sound of it, it doesn't seem that "viral". You could probably find similar videos to yours if not better already on YouTube? No offense to your video or anything but usually viral videos are one of a kind. Although yeah, if you asked 10,000,000 people "Hey, wanna check out this shooting star i filmed in backyard?" i would probably say yeah but many wouldn't. But maybe 500,000-1,000,000 people would said yes, it's all about how you promote and share your video to make it viral.

    So basically what i'm trying to say is, almost every video on YouTube can potentially become "viral" if shared enough and the right way (sorta like how you tried) But from your video specifically, it doesn't sound like anything out of the ordinary (one of a kind material).

    Maybe had the shooting star exploded and pieces came falling to earth at 1000000mph and crashed in your backyard. That i would watch over and over. Maybe you could do some after effects and re-upload the video with that happening instead. =P

    But yeah, if you REALLY think your video has viral potential, i would re-upload and purchase views/likes/comments etc from some trusted sellers on this site and try again.

    Note: i haven't seen op's video, this pretty much goes for any video on YouTube.
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    The video is okay, but defiantly not viral potential. (It'll probably continue to get views gradually though).

    Also that malfunctioning toy was hilarious, my niece had a toy when she was younger that said "One fucking elephant" rather comical.