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VIM configs!

Discussion in 'General Programming Chat' started by LongBanana, Dec 16, 2012.

  1. LongBanana

    LongBanana Regular Member

    Oct 23, 2009
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    Chicago, IL
    I've noticed that there are quite a bit of devs here that use VIM as their editor / ide (you can make it that way ;))

    So, i've been using VIM for about 2 years now and still have a lot to learn when using it.

    Here's how I have my current VIM config:
    Screenshot from 2012-12-15 17:52:51.jpg
    As you can see, it's a light and easy to read color scheme with lots of nice functionality like auto completion for A LOT of different languages and it adapts snippets based on what is already in the current file.

    NOTE: This is how it looks in a unix-based system. This config does work well in MAC/OSX as well, but not too well in Windows.

    You can get this by going through these steps:
    1) Download / Install VIM
    2) Go to: https://github.com/spf13/spf13-vim
    3) Follow the installation steps based on your OS
    4) In your .vim/colors folder (make it if it does not exist), put a file named peaksea.vim with these contents (from github):
    5) Create a .vimrc.local file (*nix or MAC) with these contents:
    set nocursorline
    set nohlsearch
    set background=dark
    colorscheme peaksea
    After that point, you should have a manageable VIM config. But, if you would like to remove a few extra things like I did here's how you do it:

    To remove relative numbering :crazy:, you have to go into the .vimrc.bundles and comment or delete the line that says "bundle blah/numbers".
    To remove indentation markings :crazy: you have to into the .vimrc and comment or delete the lines under the .vimrc -> plugins -> indent_guides (Lines 504-516)
    To remove the characters that come up when you indent or have spaces :crazy: remove / comment the lines 160 and 161. The set list option with the set listchars parameters allows for that to happen.

    After doing all of this, you should have a very nice VIM config that has very good auto completion.
    If you have any questions, please post and i'll help you through it. :)

    I would like to see what I can addon to this VIM config or just make a new one with even better stuff. Post your configs as well! :D
  2. jazzc

    jazzc Moderator Staff Member Moderator Jr. VIP

    Jan 27, 2009
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    My config: http://pastebin.com/dQzZNc09

    The inkpot colorscheme may need to be installed (or replaced with another) depending on the system installation
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