Views vs Likes vs Suscribers

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by hitch, Oct 27, 2010.

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    Okay, I'm assuming that views is best in terms of getting your video ranked, then the number of likes. However will a video with say 500likes and 100k vies out rank a video with 200k views and 10 likes?

    Also, what about subscribers? does this really matter? Why do people want to buy subscribers?
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    ive come to understand that ratings, favorites, comments and attention span matter quite a bit. if youre going up against videos with the same or more views youre goign to want as many likes, favorites and comments that you can get. If you have a really low attention span it means people are leaving your video quickly which is not a good sign. your video wont do well with too many dislikes either.
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    Subscribers are useless except for your image, which you don't need if you simply are trying to market.

    If you are trying to leech YouTube's partner program (which they won't care to stop), you merely need views.

    A higher amount of likes will increase the organic traffic yield of your video for the measly amount of time it will be Top Rated (and Top Viewed).

    500 likes won't get you top rated, 200k views will get you Top Viewed (position 15-ish, I would think).

    Hope that clarifies it.