Jun 25, 2018
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Hello everyone.

I have a question related to vidIQ and someone please answer me because its bugging me for hours now.

So i download vidIQ extension for Chrome in order of finding a profitable keyword so that I could rank on YT. I found one keyword. The stats were:
VidIQ Search Volume > 70 (Monthly Search Volume was > 300k)
VidIQ Competition Score < 20

I thought it was really good keyword.

But here is what i cant figure it out.
The top video in that niche has like 28k views and was uploaded 2 months ago. So if this keyword has like 300k+ monthly searches then shouldn't there be higher views for the top ranking video? or is vidIQ not accurate?

Please answer this question and I'll really appreciate it.
Thank you in advance.
i don't think it's so accurate, maybe they only give you the general idea of google searches for that kw
also how you can tell if the top video was ranked to #1 only 1 days ago or 1 months ago just after the upload
and note that from your local it's ranked #1 but from other countries the same video can be found on a lower position
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