Videos getting deleted in an hour after uploads?

Discussion in 'YouTube' started by Frankie4Fingers, May 15, 2014.

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    So, today I had this thing happening to me, I was uploading these 6 videos of mine (legit original entertainment content not promoting anything, with no copyright problems - though already been uploaded on several other channels of mine), and after no more than an hour all the videos got deleted. In Video Manager next to the vids appeared a "Rejected (ToS violation)" or something along that lines, and if I click on it I get no more detailed info.

    After that, if I uploaded the same videos on others 'virgin' (though aged) channels, they were rejected istantly. So I slightly edited them adding some random watermarks with random numbers and cutting some seconds of the intro, and though this time around they were uploaded correctly, again after no more then one hour they got deleted with the same "rejected (ToS violation)" thing.

    I actually have uploaded these videos dozen of times in the last couple of months without incurring in any problem (in fact they are all still up), did Youtube recently change something? Like became more strict about the number of videos uploaded per day per single channel or did they fine tune they duplicate alghoritm?

    EDIT: wanted to add, none of the channels where the videos got deleted were banned nor received any kind of strikes

    EDIT 2: sometimes next to the vid instead of "Rejected (terms of use violation)", it says "Rejected (content inappropriate)", which is unbelievably stupid as the content of the video is just light humor with no obscenity at all and as I've already said there are already dozens and dozens of the same videos online without any problem
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