Video Website Legality Question


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Nov 1, 2009
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I'm making a video site where it is going to have full tv show episodes embedded from zshare and megavideo. I live in the USA but I have an offshore host. What will happen if RIAA or whoever is for TV shows finds me out. Will they just send a notice to take it down or what? I will not host videos, I'm just embedding them. Please share if you have a video site and have been contacted about having copyrighted content and/or if you know a lot about this.

You should be fine Liam. Nothing can cause you trouble if you are not hosting or embedding any kind of Illegal videos like Child porn, zoo, etc. Since you are using Offshore Hosting, your RIAA complaints will be ignored by your Hosting :D

Dont forget to PM me your Video site URL if you have some 18*beep*+ videos ;)
do you mind telling us which offshore hosting you are using for video site. i am look for one. . thanks.
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