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    Hi there, i recently got a account at and as a premium member i can upload to either non adult sites such as youtube and/or to adult sites such as

    If you know how to monotize this please send a pm and we will work something out. If there is a need for it i will also post in BST section, if i get approved.

    Some info on the services

    * 500 Monthly Video Deployment : This is equavlent of 500 uploads if you had to do it by hand in a month!
    * Automated Deployment : Uploads your video automatically to other tube sites.
    * Mass Watermark Tool : Upload your watermark picture to watermark your videos.
    * Remote URL Uploading : Upload by entering remote URL. Very convenient tool for those with slower internet connections.
    * Batch Upload & Video Detailing : Allows premium user to edit and upload multiple videos.
    * Top Priority Video Processing & Deployment : If on video is queued, premium user's videos are given higher priority over free users.
    * Top Priority Support & Updates : Premium users receive higher priority support and updates.
    * Restriction Free Daily Quota : Premium users can upload as much as they want in a single day.
    * 200MB Max Video File Size : Premium users can upload higher quality and longer videos.