Video streaming question for live concert

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    Hello everyone.

    If you know something about live video, streaming, etc. maybe you can help me.

    There is an organist playing in the church. He works together with an orchestra. Now the organist can't see the conductor. The organist needs a video stream to know when and what he needs to play. I need as less delay as possible.

    Now I thought about setting up a GoPro or likely cam, use WiFI function (creates it's own network) and put my laptop next to the organist's keyboard (as screen). Or should I use some security camera setup? Or something else....

    A cable is not really an option because the visitors will see the cable from the stage going up onto the organ. No delay is needed because of the orchestra and organist need to play the same music at the same time.

    If u have a clever idea about this, you are my hero. I have no knowledge about camera's or video streaming...

    I don't want to spend too much money.. this is an event for charity.