Video Skinning Method Revealed

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    Keith Wellmans "Video Skinning" Method revealed.

    (I ripped this from another forum)

    I'll walk through some of the steps to create the videos and with the time that I spent on creating one. I'm a tech person so I do have a slight advantage over but it doesn't mean anything since the Easy Sales Formula came with the software to create videos as well.

    Feel free to use this information for your own profits, I'm doing this just to tell you how much the ESF has helped me and I know that the Automated Sales Formula will do the same. The strategies that I share below reflects on the strategies that I have learned from Keith and from personal experience.

    By the way, I've given away this exact formula to people and strangely most people don't take action on it although it's a gold mine..maybe since it's free the value drops? I don't know but for many really take action on this?

    Step 1: Choose A Product To Promote When A Guru Emails (10-20 Minutes)

    You get emails everyday..I'm sure you'll be able to find one.

    Identifying a product is simple. In fact here's the ONE tactic that I use all the time here when I want make some quick cash. "Guru Emails". Most people on a guru's list are pre-sold if the gurus did a good job with it. You can tell when you read their emails.

    This strategy for most people is known as the guru launch formula, affiliate launch formula, whatever you name it etc.

    It is most likely that the gurus have a list of over a thousand people and a percentage of those will look for product reviews, bonuses, scams etc.. or land here at the Warrior Forum.

    Next, I suggest that you purchase the product for BEST and maximum effect, if not get a quick review copy. It's easy to get a review copy, just ASK for it. I've done it myself and it's usually an email away. Worse come to worse, you'll get a no for an answer. But for the most part vendors will give away their product.

    Step 2: Create Your Video (Strictly Using The ESF Method) This is the "Lite" version (45 Minutes - 2 Hours)

    What you'll need?

    Keynote, Powerpoint, Open Source Powerpoint Software, A 30 Day Camtasia Trial, Camstudio Pro, HyperCam, any screen capture software that you know of.

    The presentation can be in complete text form or with some screen shots of the product. Make sure you get permission. Plain Blue and Black backgrounds are best in my experience. Don't make the presentation fancy. Keep it clean.

    Plan Your Slides With A Beginning, Middle and End

    Beginning: Establish Credibility - Your Name(Add Real Photo If Possible), Why You're Doing This(Reason), Website(Location), Include An Attention Grabbing Statement,How You Intend To Solve This Problem or How Does The Product Solve The Problem, Why They Need It.

    Middle: Establish Benefits - Product Benefits, How It Will Directly Help The Person, How You've Used It Personally, Show Some Proof, Agitate The Problem Slightly, Offer The Complete Solution Through The Product, Offer A Hard To Get Bonus, Irresistible Offer

    End: Establish Price, Call To Action, Agitate Loss If They Don't Get It, Timed Deadline, Price Drop, Offer Help & Support, Buyer Satisfaction, Guarantee - These are psychological triggers that you can implement to get a person to take action. You choose which you are most comfortable with. Be sure that you tell them where to go, mention your affiliate link. The famous /go method after your domain name is suggested. A simple redirect method. If this is too complicated, send me a PM.

    Now, the main meat of the video is done, you have to "render","produce" the video, rendering on Camtasia takes about 8-20 minutes depending on the speed of your computer and the length of your video. My experience with 12 minute videos are that it takes about 15 minutes to render on a 3GB laptop. Grab a cup of coffee, watch TV while waiting.

    Setting all this up takes quick thinking and can take a person hours to do if they are just starting. I've been able to do things more quickly ever since I had more practice.

    Finally, uploading it via FTP, takes about another 10-20 minutes depending on the speed of your internet connection. Connecting it with a domain name, hosting etc is another matter altogether.

    Total time needed to complete one Easy Sales Formula video, from 2-3 hours if everything goes smoothly. At the most 4 hours unless you keep perfecting the video. I have a video with a ton of errors on it and it still converts today. Too afraid to make any changes since it's making me money.

    Step 3: Getting Traffic (People Who Are Pre-Sold or Other Prospects)

    The popular methods that are used nowadays for MAXIMUM rankings are:

    Social Bookmarking sites:

    Two of which I know ranks pretty quickly and also easily outranked by competitors - namely:

    1. Mixx
    2. Digg

    Keyword Rich Domain Names (Super Targeted Keywords That Contains The Product Name)
    productnamereview + bonus + other letter variations + s,ed,x,

    Domain name extensions that rank highly on Google, marketers will love this when implemented (In Sequence after the .com name becomes less effective

    1. .org
    2. .net
    3. .us
    4. .com

    For Yahoo, a .info domain name ranks highly easily as well. Not so much for Google unless the search volume is under 200k searches or have a ton of backlinks pointing towards the domain name.

    Depending on the volume of sites out there, usually the domain .com will become less effective after all the affiliates buy variations of the .com domains for the product names. There are a few marketers who are now resorting to this quick domain extension "fix".

    Article Sites That Rank Quickly and Outranks Quickly Because Many Affiliate Marketers Use These Strategies, More Competitive Nowadays: (Remember to use ProductNameReview Keywords For ALL)

    GoArticles,Squidoo,Hubpages,Press Release Sites PRLog

    -If you know Howie Schwartz, he's a real pro at locating Web 2.0 Properties, high ranking sites that gets you free organic traffic. You can get some ideas if you follow him.

    Video Sites That Rank Quickly and Outranks Quickly:

    YouTube,Viddler, Use TubeMogul whenever possible.

    Finally "Pinging" - Do You Ping?

    Yes, you must Ping your site,articles so that the search engines know that your content is up to date!

    And of course, remember the Warrior Forum and other forums - Inserting your signature.

    Total time to submit and post to all sites, easily an hour to two hours after creating new accounts and doing things the manual way. There are ways to automated this process and even if the tools exist, the methods I have revealed here are sufficient for you to get some basic traffic.

    Step 5: Finally, Self-Analysis , Testing etc.

    Be sure to install Analytics and any other tracking devices.

    If your offer, bonus and product is interesting(solves the problem,strikes a chord with the person), people will buy from you, even if they don't really know you personally. Otherwise, you can expect that the sales formula to not convert. When the video doesn't convert, ask questions, study what went wrong and test test test. Keep making videos and improve on it till it converts. I have had videos that totally flunk on me and videos that just converts.

    Maybe this will help someone?
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    I was thinking about doing that but, ripping the images and making my own audio.