Very Simple Semi-Auto-photo-blog Idea

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    Note: I don't know how to completely do this, I haven't looked to deeply into it because I write all of my own content from my head, through my hands into the keyboard, just a thought that may make it easier for some who are looking for a simpler method for autoblogging for photo blogs.

    This method is most particular for people who already use Reddit and WordPress. If you're just a lurker on Reddit, be sure to just create yourself an account there, you'll be giving upvotes to get your content for a photoblog. In your Reddit account settings, you have RSS feed options (you may already be able to tell where I'm going with this). Essentially you're wanting to set your site up so that your RSS feed is placing in your upvotes to your blog posts daily.

    On your WordPress install, you'll want to enable the Imgur Oembed plugin after installing it (Reddit users heavily use Imgur).

    Now you can more easily steal content from various subreddits. After the feed is delivered into your blog as a post, take the time to write an H1 and H2 tag with a relevant keyword in it, use the keyword in the first sentence and in the title and slug of the article as well as the tag and write a little tiny bit about each of the pictures below them.

    Anyone who can expand further upon this and improve upon it, feel free. I'm not using this method and not going to, but you guys are all welcome to take a huge whack at it.