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    We just need to get the bbPress widget installed on our site and get it working without problems. It has so many custom functions, no default template to use as an example, and horrible documentation. Therefore, we just need someone that really knows what they are doing with this plugin to make a couple very simple edits.

    PM me if you really know what you are doing for the following:

    1. The directory structure is poor ( We want
    2. Tell bbPress to use a specific wp template - we will design the template, just need you to point it to a specific template file for all forum pages.
    3. Within that template file, insert its equivalent to the_post(), or however it is injecting itself. Just copy our index.php, give it a name, and drop it in somewhere logical; we can move it.
    4. Tell us where this data its injecting is coming from.
    4. Fix the root cause of a problem where titles are displaying like this to end-users:

    Ex., the topic is "Lets make a second topic". Displays like this on page:
    Lets make a second topic'>Lets make a second topic

    If you prove you know what you are doing we will probably be looking to work with you quite a bit as we style the forum and need things added or moved around via its functions.

    These are all really simple edits, please don't try tell me this will take you all day. We could figure it out in a quarter of that time, but that's why we are hiring you. Looking forward to your PM!
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    i am in, i know bbpress.