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    I'm searching for someone who could find an alternative in how to send money to many paypal accounts from the different senders.That means that if you sent one time from one paypal email to another paypal , you can't re-use that sender account anymore.And i need this daily with many accounts.That seams quite hard to do probably and maybe one possible alternative is just to add money to your credit card every time and have many credit cards every time , but that won't work , because it will be hard work and too much time for me.
    If anyone could send me money via PayPal every time with different account , hundrets of different accounts every month, that would be very good and i can pay good.But remember that there can't be any kind of chain , that means if you send me money from an account - that money must to be added by credit card or any other way , but if you add money to your sending accounts every time with the same account(s) that also wouldn't work , because it would be the chain in any case.So if you got me please contact with me.That is very important for me and i'm absolutely willing to finance a person constantly who could do this for me.
    But the principle of what i want is: You send me money to my PayPal accounts every time from your different account , but THE MOST IMPORTANT: money you send me from your different account each time must be added in your account by any kind of measure thas is not connected with other accounts which were used for sending money in the past.You can't have one account and pay money from that account to your sending accounts and then pay me.That would be the chain.I hope i explained sufficiently.
    Do not hesistate to contact with me through a PM and write your personal contacts like skype or email.
    I'm very serious about this deal making and i hope that it could be possible.