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vertical box for banner or text links or ads?

Discussion in 'Web Design' started by halifax123, Dec 19, 2009.

  1. halifax123

    halifax123 Power Member

    Aug 5, 2008
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    hello peeps, humanoids, creatures from the deep, and deep creatures!
    people at large ! and large people!
    and may I start off by saying a very

    :drinking2:drinking2:cheer2::cheer2::snowwave:MERRY CHRISTMAS everyone!

    and may your "12 days of Christmas" turn out to be "12 days in the county lockup!

    ok down to business...

    I tend to like a template where I can place text link or ad banners
    on the left and right sides like this structure;


    The problem is with all my "experience" I cannot for the life of me
    create or put anything together on those left and right sides????
    I'm like an "idiot savant" without the "savant" apparently!

    I ask questions on the forum and have received much help that I'm greatful for,
    however in this case I'm specifically looking for a "camtasia" or "youtube" vid,
    where someone is "loading" one of those "sides"
    (not to be confused with "coleslaw" or "mashed potato" "sides" from KFC)

    I know myself all too well and in this case verbal "instruction" or
    "direction" won't work, I need to "see" someone doing it

    if you're a person who's nice enough to explain in writing how I can do it, thank you in advance ,
    but you could write "in great detail" till your blue in the face, and it wouldn't matter, when it comes to this specifically
    my mind cannot "playout" regardless of detail, so I'm specifically hoping to find a VID
    or similar, so I can see someone doing it themselves
    :rain: I mean I can copy and paste html code or create a hyperlink,
    but it's the "uniformity" and the keeping things within a "box" without" "skewing" everthing else !

    it's a MAJOR stumbling block for me, so if you know one somewhere on the net, please let me know, I'd be greatly

    and then I could get down from the railing on this bridge!
    (thanx for the propothal drip" doc)

    You would be my hero if you can tell me where!!! HERO!!!!

    I would love you forever! or at least until monday!

    dance you turkey! :bubblegum:rocketwho
  2. Platinum01

    Platinum01 Registered Member

    Nov 19, 2009
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    Quick Question first: Are you using a framework/CMS for templating Like Wordpress or Joomla. Or are your design/columns created from scratch? If from scratch what is your IDE? Dreamweaver, frontpage etc... Then next questions is.. Are you developing using HTML view or design view. This will help me point you in the right directions.