Vbulletin vs PHPBB vs Other ?? (Bulleting Board Software)

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    I need to setup a country specific forum and want advice on which script to use. I have never used any forum scripts before , so I thought I would pick my fellow BHW?ers brains regarding the script. Information regarding the following points will be very helpful

    1. PHPBB, Vbulletin are the famous ones. Any more worth considering ?
    2. Advantages / Disadvantages of each
    3. Any specific server requirements that should be kept in mind
    4. Future additions to software i.e. addons/plugins/etc. whether they are freely available or have to be custom developed.
    5. Which are the ones (addons/plugins)worth having ?
    6. Integration with adsense
    7. How to check spamming on forums ?
    8. Effect under load i.e. how many users do the scripts support concurrent and otherwise
    9. Monetisation tactics after getting traffic e.g. banners /signature/paid forums/donate
    10. Anyting else apart from the above that I should consider ?

    I will greatly appreciate members stopping by my thread and sparing their valuable time.
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    PHPBB is free and thus most spammed bulletin board. while you will have to pay quite a money for vbulletin relatively secure box i guess( sql injection). there are regular updates of vBulletin and hundreds of mods and plugins are available. So if you are going to set up a long term goal my answer will be vBulletin.Otherwise if you want to save money...go for phpbb. there are lots of mods and skins available for phpbb too. both can integrated with adsense or affiliate banners or whatever.