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    Aug 30, 2009
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    hey guys lookingto create a macro that can automise mailing users on a vbulletin forum

    struggling to get the macro to go through the id's in order to pm.

    basicly heres the structure of vbulletin forums

    heres link to a profile "member.php?u=357850" as you can see each profile has a unique id in this case this user is "357850"
    i was basicly wondering how ican make the macro go through each id starting from 1-random number of my choice

    so basicly the macro will go to

    member.php?u=1 (user profile)
    then will auto go to the "send message link
    which is like this

    enter text i wish then move onto the next id which will be

    hope u understand what i meen.basicly just want it to edit the ID and add 1 extra number so i can basicly mass message every user.