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    Alright everyone, if you have not heard of Varolo at all check out my whole thread on it

    Now, for people who already have an idea about Varolo let me inform you of MAJOR updates on them!

    1. Varolo maintains an A- rating with the Better Business Bureau

    2. A lot of people who first join up on Varolo are confused on what to do to make money, a user orientation is now coming out!

    One of the observations we have made is that many new Varolo users do not understand how Varolo works and how they can make money. As a result we are finishing up the development on a new user orientation experience that all new users will be required to go through prior to using Varolo. This will train these users on how to be successful with Varolo and take them step-by-step through watching ads and building a village. We believe that this education and help will dramatically improve the activity levels of most villages.

    3. People want to watch ads on the go to make even MORE money!

    One of the most frequent questions from Varolo users is "when is the Varolo mobile app going to be available?" Well we are happy to say that we are deep into the development of the Varolo mobile application and we anticipate this being complete in the next couple of months. Watch, rate, and share ads all from your iPhone, Android, Blackberry or Palm. Use your coupons right from you phone at retailers. You can even invite friends right from your phone.

    [size=xx-large]Varolo Velocity[/size]

    This is an AMAZING update by Varolo. Many people don't think there are enough rewards or incentive to keep participating. Now Varolo velocity is coming out and earnings will increase 10 fold!!!

    Accelerate your success in Varolo using "Varolo Velocity". Velocity will be available within the next 2 months and will give you the opportunity to earn achievements based on a variety of activities inside of Varolo. You then redeem these achievements for great rewards including more jackpot entries, villagers (that is right, you will soon be able to trade achievements for villagers), unlocking your 5th level, getting 2x or 4x bonus on your 5th level, UNLOCKING YOUR 6th level and even getting 2x earnings on your 6th level! We believe that Velocity will help everyone's villages grow and stay extremely active.

    - I highly recommend you take this offer now and start earnings early!
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    Register without my referral (you get placed in a random, crappy village and will probably fail)