Vague Method To Obtain Quality Facebook accounts.


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Dec 29, 2009
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This might be a long read but it may be worth it if you feel stuck trying to get your hands on facebook accounts. (Scaleable)

I know that this Facebook Marketing stuff has become really difficult on a lot of people. I noticed there seems to be lots of advice and tricks on what needs to be done via activity so you won't get "zucked". Including only joining a few groups, adding only a few friends, PVA, picture identification, new IP for every account, clear your cookies etc etc. The list goes on and on.

So instead of constantly trying to farm brand new accounts or constantly pay high prices to be either "ripped off" or have an account just die on me. I had to really think outside of the box on this one.

It all started when my curious friends who are really nosey and envious(no im not rich from this, i do well to where i travel, eat well, work on my own time, but live in the ghetto lol), that I can somehow manage to be a self employed internet marketing freelancer. They always ask me for some idea to make money, when they secretly don't know I'm crawling the internet trying to twist ideas my own way all the time in a panic.

Moreover, I asked a few friends if I could just rent their accounts out because I have this cool software that lets me do la la la. I told them if the security shuts us down then we at least know how to fix it and re-up the whole process.

This is where it all began....... basically since my friends were so active and doing the whole messenger thing etc etc. It was extremely easy to just do whatever needed to be done. From the facebook ads account, to the joining of 100s of groups and blasting. Etc etc. The account was basically a beast mode.

Eventually out of pure ignorance and being wild out of the box knowing my friends had my back on these accounts. I was hitting 100s and 100s of groups a day. To where I became a part of the normal flagging and community standards facebook jail process. But they would never really ever shut us down with the upload your picture stuff.....

I started laughing and was telling my buddy somehow if I could convince people to just abandon their old facebooks and create a new one fresh. To just off me the old one and I'll give them $5-10 or another cheap barter service.

The ideas started just never ending to the point where I was able to establish quite the thing going on..... I wont go into details and I still have trouble monetizing some days. I just know I have a nice large network.

1.) I literally started posting flyers in libraries, starbucks, an internet cafe(yeah we only have 1 still amazing right?), and restaurants I knew people hung out at with their laptops. I'm not going to post my flyer for OBVIOUS REASONS. But be creative, you would be extremely shocked with a good catch line how easy it is. Just dont sound like a scammy hacker creep.

2.) College kids, they are simply wanting money to buy themselves party supplies. They don't care about making another account. Probably high school kids also, but I'm not a fan of young people much in person. Especially with an approach of, "hey little child whats your password :p:suspicious:". Besides, I dont want the profile of a child anyway.

3.) Cheaters! People who constantly cheat on their spouses are always ready to make another account on the spot! I've only successfully gained 2 accounts this way and it is through people who want to abandon their old account because they have a "stalker" issue. :eek:

4.) Twitter, Reddit, Instagram, etc etc. - You can jump on these platforms and find that people don't really use Facebook much, so it is not a sacrifice for them to just give up their accounts to you for a small fee.

5.) Zuckenburg congress niche. I have been very blessed to take advantage of being able to talk people into freely giving me their accounts. This is based on their hate of zuckenburg and all of the data accusations that has arose before him. Even though.... I know..... that all the users voluntarily put their information there for his purpose lol. They usually help clean up the account for you also and take their friends off etc etc.

I will stop rambling the methods for now as there is more and I'm not going to hold your hand step by step. I know this has been known also as "renting" but I would rather have mass ownership :).


People constantly judge me :rolleyes:. They think that I'm going to identity theft them somehow and it doesn't seem right. Which confuses me sometimes because why did you even come in contact? Basically the best way to explain it is tell them to change the name, delete most friends, change your password to something basic, and if you are really concerned take cell phone off account. Most I can talk into comfort. To the point where I can have them leave their cell in there to give me the code if something was to happen. Some really just try to find out what my motive is I think. Most the time I use the terms "beta testing" or "experiment". I'm sure social engineering will show you the way if you want to pursue this.


That facebook algorithms really have no rhyme or reason.

People judge the whole IP aspect of logging into facebook accounts as well. I always simply argue this with the fact that libraries, clubs, internet cafes, coffee shops, or any other large public wifi area holds 100s of users constantly in and out. For Facebook to totally blackout a whole list of accounts based on ip can be disproven. Not saying they can or can't. Just saying it's not very plausible, unless things were getting extremely malicious and blackhat to turn up a serious investigation. Which is not my intent in the slightest degree. Which is probably why I can hold so many on one ip. I've also proven the other theories of the cookies etc etc. I have reason to believe it strictly just depends on the account at hand, the amount of activity on it, and how fast you are moving on that account.

I think I'm done typing for now. Hope someone implements this further than me or at least enjoys the read. I might answer a few questions for fun but maybe not.
I notice a huge difference based on not getting zucked as fast. That's just me though, was just giving alternatives instead of buying premium $20-100 accounts that were warmed up for farming. I'd rather go with organic natural activity.
There's some good info in this, something I can add to this as I rent profiles from people:

- Don't just offer them money, there are more incentives you can offer to people, especially students. Think about what your intent is with the accounts, that's all I'm gonna say.
- Pitch it as a job
- Don't ever do this where you live, one of my staff got reported and the police started asking questions...true story
WOW, I thought of that too even with the flyers I just got em printed yesterday :D.In my country is even cheaper than buying PVA AGED Accounts and sim cards...I even tried to buy accounts from poor people for 10$ but they won't sell them.How many accounts do your network have?And how much do you pay them per month?
After you bought the accounts... how do you connect with them (private proxy, residential proxy...)?
You use them with a bot of manually?
You're touching on a lot of points that make a solid hot account, apps, usage, age, activities - problem is most people don't have that long to develop the accounts and want to make money now. It's not as easy to bring fresh/"cold" accounts online now with regular proxy IP blocks but if you already have hot accounts they can be used fine anywhere.

RE: Cafe's, I think a lot of people overlook keeping sessions live - a lot of the damage happens during the login checkpoint gateway, if you transfer live sessions there is a lot less problems. Also important to note a coffee shop won't be on a proxy IP block but usually a residential IP, there is never hundreds of people online at the same time, and the TYPE of actions the accts are doing are looked at. A coffee shop will never have 100 people group posting similar content at the same time, and the IP slowly has more people using it over time... it doesn't go from 0 to 50 in a single day.

I've still got hundreds of original accounts standing from 2015 when I started group posting and like you mentioned these accts are bulletproof now barring stupid mistakes like posting identical content to link them together. It's not hard to figure out how to create rock solid accounts, what is hard is having the patience to not touch them in the marinating time or at least keep spam activity really low and move slowly.
I run all of my accounts on 2 different ips. I use commercial IP addresses as popular areas in big cities constantly have people clicking on and off with wifi. Ever been to a club? Wifi everywhere, everyone is taking selfies with their facebook account..... I've basically came to the conclusion IP means nothing and sessions mean everything. As stated before in the post above me. Thanks for touching that base while I was away.
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