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Using USA proxies with UK PVA Accounts

Discussion in 'Instagram' started by cooliyog, Nov 6, 2016.

  1. cooliyog

    cooliyog Newbie

    Jun 2, 2015
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    Using massplanner I plan to build and grow IG accounts to later sell or maybe use them to sell shoutouts. I will not be doing any dodgy affiliate type things (no link in bio). Since I am from the UK I only have access to UK sim cards to verify my accounts that I make And I plan on using US proxies to run the accounts through massplanner. Will this cause any issues?

    I could use UK proxies but I am worried that maybe when I sell the accounts later on to someone in the US they will have problems using the account. Does anyone have any ideas/thoughts about this?
  2. mjdsocial

    mjdsocial Regular Member

    Jul 29, 2016
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    You may have to reverify them when you attach them to the US proxy but if all goes well with that and your proxies are high quality then you will be fine.