Using Trademark Logo's in a collage?

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    Jul 15, 2008
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    Hello, I am making a pretty basic company site that will discuss the benefits of online services such as youtube, facebook, etc. I was planning on using a collage of web 2.0 logos, similar to the one used at, but I am worried about the legal issues.

    This company site is purely for SHOW and I will not actually be preforming services for anyone, but I do mention that I use those web 2.0 sites as advertising methods. However, I also have a disclaimer explaining that the services I use are white hat and strictly abide the TOS.

    I expect a very little amount of traffic to the site. Do you think I will be okay using a bunch of Web 2.0 logos? With such little traffic (maybe 10 visitors a day) should I even worry about it?

    Thanks a lot