Using Tor for High Bandwidth, Geographically Diverse Proxies

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    Hi blackhatters,

    I'm new in this forum, but not so in the world of blackhat software. I'm wondering whether or not any of you use or have considered using the Tor network for your blackhat activities. I've implemented it in client's custom-made software before to great effect, although some sites don't like you using Tor nodes.

    Tor has some good advantages in that it gives you a greater level of anonymity than regular proxies. However, also remember that anybody were they so inclined can snoop/modify non-SSL traffic you send through Tor.

    Tor does have a few difficulties, like you need to customize your software to talk to Tor in order to make it refresh IPs for you. You can also only have 1 thread of your program talking to 1 instance of Tor. This makes its use pretty niche, and it's also not that quick as Tor goes through more than 1 proxy server (a tradeoff between speed and anonymity). Some web admins don't let you do things from Tor exit nodes either.

    What I'm interested in seeing is how much of a demand you guys would have for software that allows you to use every Tor exit node as a proxy in EXISTING, UNMODIFIED software. It also wouldn't make any hops through the network, it would just use single Tor exit nodes as SSL proxies allowing higher bandwidth and lower latency than regular Tor usage.

    This means ~600-800 effective IPs (with the Tor network growing all the time), constantly updated, easily sortable by country, bandwidth. Then you would just add these proxies to your software by using something like where XXX is the number from 1-800 for the separate exit nodes.

    Thanks for your time!

    Edit: I could also extend this concept to other anonymity networks like I2P that are less well known and less likely to be blocked by admins if Tor wouldn't work in your situation (it works in most).
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