using the same anchor txt good or bad?

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    if your targeting keyword apple sauce maker. For example. Is it bad to use the same anchor txt in profiles. If you put different anchor text doesn't that mean that backlink won't count towards your keyword?

    So for instance if i didn't even use the anchor text apple sauce maker in my profiles or whatever other backlinks i use, does that mean it will still rise in serps FOR the keyword apple sauce maker.
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    That is a good question and the answer is no.

    If you are example doing a xrumer profile link and you are targeting keyword "Apple" with your site "" and you post Scrapebox backlinks to the profile with anchor "Apple Sauce Maker", then you are ranking the xrumer profile in the search engine positions for "Apple Sauce Maker", but your "Apple" anchor is ranking

    Target ONE site with ONE anchor or TWO anchors, and you should be all set.
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    I wouldn't suggest it, try to use a mix of keywords containing your core keyword, for example, I'm going to use your example of "Apple Sauce Maker":
    The Best Apple Sauce Maker
    Top Apple Sauce Maker
    Great Apple Sauce Maker

    And so on.
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    To make it simple, I have a simple explanation and a solution as well.

    For your site, you must have a list of some keywords. And all those keywords should be linked to your main keyword. You may use the Google Wonder Wheel to find such keywords.

    Next, you need to have a few pages on you site that are HIGHLY targeted for your keyword. For this, I prefer to use the KW in H1 tag, have the least no. of external links and have a KW density of ~7%.

    Next, I build backlinks for them.

    For the homepage, I have the main KW, For each of the page, I have 1 KW each that are related to the main KW. Now, what this does is that it pagges the link juice to each of the pages, and in turn give the ultimate link juice to the homepage as well. For the homepage, I sometimes use other KW's as well as anchor text.

    Now, if I was using just one KW for the whole site, it would be considered as spamming by G, and ban my site.

    Now, don't think that using other related KW's would affect your overall SEO. Here's an example for you.

    Even though I entered "dog food", the first result I get is a "pet food" site.


    So, concluding, I would suggest you to build a site that has good content, and excellent natural (looking) hardcore backlinks.

    All the best,

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    You can definitely focus on your target kewyord, but only ever having one anchor text is pretty suspicious, so switch it up sometimes. Try using a few times too.
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    I agree, mix it up - a little. Singular and Plural. Best/Top/Quality-apple-sauce-maker/makers/making. What you'll find over the long haul is that most sites have about FIVE true money-making top keywords!

    The truly 'best' keyword money phrase may NOT be the one you heavily targeted. Other variants may deliver more eyeballs, traffic and sales that you didn't even expect. And often, some may work well - for awhile - but suddenly krap-out due to competition, algo changes at Google, etc.

    So many SEO articles, tutorials, web prophets and tips over-simplify things to help people comprehend using keywords and anchor text effectively. For training purposes they want you to focus on, say, ONE 'MAGIC' KEYWORD per page or site. Baloney!

    Especially in the body content: MIX IT UP! You'll be glad you did a year down the road. The real money is about dominating a whole handful of phrases... :)