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Nov 11, 2009
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Well I now have PRStorm, and want to test it out. I understand the concept and have the guide that came with it but would like to use Tor with it instead of creating Proxy lists everytime I want to use it. Does this system work? Has anyone tried it? If so please let me know, thanks.
PRStrom needs a lot of bandwidth. Tor is soooo slow. I tried in the past to work with tor, but no success. And moreover, Tor has only a limited list of exit nodes, check their site.

In other words, forget.
Honestly, being slow doesn't matter much to me. If anything it might work out better, look less spammy. Right now I am loading up Proxies manually and it takes quite a while. This seems like the perfect solution. If there is anything similar to this or there is a better way, please let me know. Thanks for the replies!
Tor would ruin the results, prstorm has a low success rate and needs a highspeed connection.
And you don't really need Tor for prstorm.
It will look extremely spammy in any case
Valid, Valid, and Valid. In any case, I probably shouldn't be using PRStorm just yet. Barely got indexed today, and should write more articles, manually backlinks, try to stay white hat. At least for my Amazon eShop.
I have a windows vps and run prstorm with 2 million backlinks. works pretty well
I have question: How much can i use PRStorm? How much % i can done? The gap between usages, for example 24h? can i use it every day? How much links i can promote in the same time? What are the best settings?
It`s blackhat tool, just put your parasites as much as u can.
PRstorm is a small xrumer tool.
How often can someone use the same url.txt file per domain? everday,once a week? or is it just 1 time?
I have a windows vps and run prstorm with 2 million backlinks. works pretty well

Hi bro, i have a question , i always harvest keywords from web harvester and often got reduced to 2-5k web to PR storm.

Where do you get 2mil backlinks web? LOL! can enlighten me?
2 million spam links, not backlinks.
99.999% of those links are dead and just pissing off the owners of the websites.

prstorm creates an extremely spammy footprint of the advertised site, if you plan for a long future with your site it's no choice.
For short time projects .. maybe better suited ?

In any case: for every backlink you receive you have 1000 angry webmasters. No good trade imho
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