Using PPV Traffic For Affiliate Offers

Discussion in 'Affiliate Programs' started by Tommyg123, Feb 21, 2015.

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    Aug 30, 2014
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    Hi everyone,

    Cost Per View advertising (popups) seems heavily geared towards CPA offers. Opt ins/ zip submits etc etc but I was wondering if anyone has had success selling click back products etc through this method.

    It seems getting people to actually get their wallet out takes a lot of presell, blogs, email lists, freebies and eventually hit them with a product to buy.

    That would suggest CPV advertising wouldnt work for actually selling something because of the fact you are interrupting them with a pop up and dont have much time to pitch.

    I know you can potentially use PPV to build a list and then link it to affiliate offers. But I am talking about the PPV > Landing Page > Checkout method.

    If it could be done there are HUGE margins and very scalable.

    Is it worth exploring? Anyone had success with it?