Using PinBlaster without getting my website banned?


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Jan 16, 2010
I'm trying to drive traffic to an adsense website. I don't want the web URL to get banned by overusing this software. What are my options to make sure my website stays "clean"? Multiple domains forwarded to my main website? I'm new to pinterest and have been doing things manually with great success. But I'm looking to expedite the process and scale up without putting my website at risk.


Thank you
so where is the line drawn? what is considered "overdoing" it? I'm so new that I don't even have an idea. I know right now I'm pinning 50+ pins a day and adding about 20 pins with my url with no problems. But I'm worried about getting the software and overdoing it.

What about my domain question? about buying 5-10 extra domains and forwarding them to my website? Would something like that work? Would this hurt me in terms of SEO?

Thank you
You can do a blogger redirect to your adsense site. This way your domain won't get banned.
pin slow.
no more than 100 pins per day, but i recommend 50.
pin during peak hours at a fairly slow pace, maybe every 5 minutes or so.
8pm - 1am EST is a great time, and sundays are the highest traffic days.
and never forward your domains, that will get you banned quickly.
don't get greedy because pinterest is all about passive traffic, it takes some time to build up, you need some patience.
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