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Sep 6, 2009
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This will make it seem like the user found your site on google. Not sure how this could be useful to anybody. Just quite alot of info on this site in faking referer.
Can you explain how to create such link? Simply replacing url doesnt seem to work and on the linked page I cant find any tutorial. So how is this link created?

hey this is gold if it really works, explain more in detail how this is done or even possible...
yeah. i can think of 100 uses for this if it works.
I don't have the time to write a script atm...but you see all the links on the google search pages, they're not the direct link to the go through a middle url provided by if your site comes up in google then it's a matter of directing your users exactly to that google will take the url in query string and redirect the user to it, thus setting the reffer as google, more precisley google search. i think the links expire after some time elapsed not sure whether it's hours or days, someone can write a script to generate the links hourly or daily depending on the expiring value....or i could be talking crap, try it something, right hand click the link and copy it to'll see it's a google url....only tested on FF
Hm. Im using FF3. The results in google are direct links for me. I searched the sourcecode but didnt found a link thats similiar to the one you posted.
Ok, I found the problem... it only works at

Hm... I need to find out how this link is put together...
It is first a normal link and is building the other link when copying the link or clicking...

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this is how you fake the referer to google
lol i hope your joking...if not try checking the actual request and response data there is no referer header set.
no it doesn't. it goes straight to the link. right click it and press copy link location and you will see. You can look at the source and see that as well
@WImpact: You do it from using the steps mentioned above. Remember it just appears for 1-2 seconds before redirecting to your website
No it doesn't. it only appears on sublinks which are useless and dont lead to your main site.
Also after dissambaling the link it comes out to

and the actual encryption that sets off the alarm is


So if you know that encryption, you can redirect any url.

i dont see any use in this anyways. if you want to fake referrer then you should fake it to the search query


since that is the ACTUAL referrer which is logged.

here is what I mean

Go there and click the first link, and you will see that the refferer is the search term
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Your example will show


as the Referrer when google is using this trackinglinks.

And it shows this


when its using the normal one.

So its a legit referrer.

But I dont see a way to use this. Only possible if a site is indexed for a given keyword. Then should it be possible to use a script, type the keyword in, get the trackinglink and reuse it. But it would be simple for google to find out your using your trackingscript more often than normal.

And if you have a site thats not indexed for a keyword it seems to me you have no chance to get the trackinglink. Because the link is produced through a function which needs vars that are coded. That means without the codes you cant get your trackinglink on your own.

So I dont think this is useable... Too bad...

No this is perfect for blackhat traffic on cpa links. When you run cl offers you can hide your traffic by changing the referer to the google search one. So they cant complain when they see that you are promoting them using whitehat traffic.
So how would you do this? Using a site that is indexed for a special keyword? And get the trackinglink from there?

I mean when you have a site which is indexed in google for the searchterm loan then you can get a google trackinglink to that site. You could use this for CL. 2 Problems remain. Google will be suspicious when you use it too often and too long and it would always be the same referrer. So you should spread the keyword that is used.

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You can build a simple php script that alternates the referrer every x amount of visits. Then you preload the referrer links and let it run. The networks will see this as organic traffic from google and will be less likely to get you banned.
That would be possible. Unfortunately this only works as long as the targetpage is indexed for the keywords you want to use. And you would be limited. Normal logs shows google from different countries, ips, get-vars and so on.
But its useable.

Too bad its not working for keywords and sites that arent indexed... Then I could have used it...

Most of my sites get indexed after like 1 day of spam. Soon as google sees 2-3k people visiting it a day, they index it.
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