Using Gmail Accounts without Problem after Purchase

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    Oct 22, 2015
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    Greetings am interested in purchasing a bunch of gmail accounts for tumblr accounts. Have seen some good deals on fiver and here.

    1.) Have noticed from using own accounts on same IP that eventually Google makes it necessary to reverify accounts with a phone number. Say 50-100 accounts are bought. That's great but how to sign in to them without Google getting pissed off and requiring a phone number every time it's necessary to sign into one of the accounts?

    2.) when making the accounts clear all history and switch the ip? Stay on same ip to create gmail and tumblr accounts in unison until gmail wants phone verification? It seems eventually it will catch up and make the purchase of the gmail accounts worthless.

    3.) Can Tumblr ban domain names advertised in the posts (side note) the ones in the contextual links? for example a money site that is actually important a person wouldn't want to have banned.

    4.) Any alternative email services to skip the phone verification that won't get banned? Thinking it could be possible to run around 3-5 accounts per ip address but who knows. If in a different country it'd be awesome to jump between stores and buy sim cards for $3 without an id.

    have tried to find a lot this info first but had trouble finding clear answers

    Thanks for any help, looking to get something going with minimal dinero for now